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Born in 1982, Jonathan Hawk led a trite and meaningless life before publishing this book. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his work in genetically altering Guinnea Pigs. In Spain he is known simply as "El Extrano." He is also a noted Robosexual (has sex with robots). He resides in Baltimore, MD with his fiance, Rebecca, two cats, a vicious attack Smeerp, and whatever that thing was that was clogging his sink drain last week.

Dustin Blottenberger was born on Mars to a used car salesman and a part-time stripper/hairdresser. In 1981 he was beamed to earth to begin the early stages of an intergalactic take-over. Due to his fascination with earthling beer and bourbon, his work was never completed and the invasion was called off. He was recently released from a Swedish prison under the promise that he never "do that sort of thing in public again." He currently resides in Baltimore, MD with and his elephant, Daisy.