Shaolynn Rhapsody

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Minstrel Laureate Shaolynn Rhapsody
Born: CY1129 Hyrend, Ardeste
Residence: Hyrend, Ardeste
Nationality: Ardeste
Ethnicity: Vidari
Occupation: Minstrel
Organization: Songweavers, Sensational Seven
Known For: Current leader of Songweavers
Height: 5
Weight: 105 lbs.
Title: Minstrel Laureate
Term: CY1451–
Predecessor: Shurillea Litany
Alignment: Freedom 4, Tolerance 4, Altruism 3
Personality: Kind, passionate, outgoing

Shaolynn Rhapsody is the current leader of the Songweavers, and is a talented singer, dancer, and archer.