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This is a form spirit art
This is a augmenting spirit art
Rarity 1
AP 4
Target Creature
Distance Contact
Lasts 1 minute per rank

Never underestimate the defensive power of a steeled resolve. The target of this spirit art is imbued with power that reinforces the structure of its body, thereby boosting its defense. Some refer to this spirit art as the iron shirt. Others call it the "armor of faith" or the "holy shield." Warriors and peacemakers alike must steel themselves and stand their ground.

Concentration Effects

Each level of Concentration grants the target a higher bonus to the Guard Roll.

  1. +4 to Guard Rolls
  2. +8 to Guard Rolls
  3. +12 to Guard Rolls
  4. +16 to Guard Rolls
  5. +20 to Guard Rolls