Combat Shy

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Combat Fault

Expoint Bonus: 3

You aren’t really cut out for combat, although you aren’t necessarily a Coward. But whether out of fear, nerves, or any of a hundred other reasons, everything moves too quickly to track while blood is flowing and people are fighting and dying all around you. Your palms sweat profusely, you mouth dries out, you flinch, stumble, lose sight of things. You can muster your courage, but you’ll never be a great warrior — whenever you roll a Critical Failure in Combat, you automatically drop your weapon and stumble or slip, after which you are wide-eyed until your next turn.

A Combat Shy character may be a Berserker, and while berserking, he or she is not subject to the Combat Shy penalties.

Incompatible with

Daredevil, Fearless, Foolhardy, and pretty much every combat trump. Also incompatible with the Special Powers Weapon Savant and Hands of Fate.