Soft Hearted

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Mental Fault

Expoint Bonus: 4

You cannot stand to see others suffer, especially innocents. On any skill checks which would result in collateral damage to innocents or cause another person great pain — including combat roles intended to deal damage, you take a −2 penalty as you are wracked with guilt. You could always just refuse to go through with that particular course of action or else try to stop it. If in the course of a combat you kill or horribly maim another being, or someone dies directly as a result of your actions, make a Sanity check at DL 15. Failure means you take a −2 penalty to all rolls for the rest of the day, and the memory will haunt you forever.

Goes well with Everybody's Best Friend, Pacifist, and Peacemaker.

Incompatible with

Backstabber, Beyond Good and Evil, Bully, Callous, Chaos Knight, Driven, Hard Hitter, Oh Snap!, and Sadist.