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New Powers

  • Horn Player: A maghashi's horns can be used to ram opponents. This is a hand-to-hand attack with a Harm of 3, usually as part of a charge. A horn bash used to destroy an object grants an additional +2 bonus to the Might check. (Consider pairing with Destructive or Momentum)
  • Hustle: Maghashi have powerful, hoofed legs. They gain a +2 to Dash checks.

Origin Powers: Choose one of the following:

  • Beefcake: Maghashi of the plains receive +2 to Might checks when pushing, pulling, or carrying a load. (Consider pairing with Workhorse)
  • Going Up: Maghashi of the mountains receive +2 to Grip checks when climbing rocky surfaces. (Consider pairing with Iron Grip or Mountain Man)

Societal Powers. Choose one of the following:

  • Doctor. Doctor.: Maghashi know their way around the medicinal arts. They receive a +2 to any Craft or Healing check that deals with a medicinal compound, like medication, antidotes, or anti-venoms. (Consider pairing with Tech Medic)
  • Infectious Opinion: A maghashi's sense of peace and natural inclination for wisdom grants her an innate knack for getting someone to see her way. Add +2 to any Negotiate check to change another's mood. (Consider pairing with Born to Haggle or Peacemaker)
  • Sane Defaults: A maghashi remains rooted in the simple joys of life. They receive a +2 to Sanity checks as they realize that the uncommon is just another facet of existence. (Consider pairing with Compos Mentis)