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Typically used with: Self-Control.

In short: abstain. Those who strengthen the Virtue skill are effectively able to resist temptation. While it doesn't necessarily represent a strong moral code, it does infer a character has strong force of will over their impulses. Virtuous characters are able to reign in their natural reactions when provoked, solicited, or coaxed.


Most of the time, Virtue checks are opposed by attempts by other characters and creatures to lure, entice, or enrage. Otherwise, a character who makes a Virtue check is resisting general temptation or compulsion. The difficulty of the check should follow the guidelines at the beginning of the Skills chapter, but here are some guidelines.

Example DL
Resist a normal temptation 10
Character has a predisposition to desire the temptation (e.g. a kleptomaniac vs. a wallet, a recovering alcoholic vs. a drink) +5
Temptation is particularly inviting (e.g. an extremely valuable item, an attractive bar patron) +5

Opposed Rolls

Virtue checks are opposed by Seduce and Taunt checks, as well as some spells and similar powers.