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Irsayle is an island nation north of Ardeste. Its capital is Piensul. At the center of the island lies a seven-hundred mile volcanic mountain range called The Firemouths or the Spine of Irsayle.


Irsayle is littered with all kinds of geologic activity. Volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers are commonplace around the region. To the west of The Firemouths lies the Golit desert. The eastern and southern part of the island are composed of rich, fertile coastal plains. A large saltwater lake lies at the southern terminus of the Firemouths. Much of the coastline to the west and north is craggy or full of rivers of igneous rock. The east has wide, white sandy beaches.



The entire island is home to numerous species of birds, including several song birds, as well as falcons, eagles, and vultures. Eastern Irsayle is full of temperate forests. Many kinds of rodents: mice, rats, hedgehogs, red and gray squirrels. Carnivors include foxes, weasels, minks, wolves, lynx, and brown bears. Boar, goats, and deer are very common in the wild. The Golit desert is home to several kinds of poisonous insects, as well as lizards and snakes. A number of both sheep and coyotes make the dry lands their home. Around the volcanoes, acidic ponds, and steam geysers, very little life thrives, save for insects and the birds which prey on them, who nest elsewhere.


In the western and central parts of the country, especially in and near The Firemouths, there are often acid rains, noxious gases, and ash falls. As a result of the volcanic activity, the western part of the island rarely sees direct sunlight. The eastern part of the island is rich and verdant — a result of minerals and nutrients carried from ancient lava flows, and heavy rainfall.

In winter, Irsayle receives more than its fair share of snowfall. Spring is very muddy as a result. Summer is warm and humid with an overabundance of thunderstorms. Autumn is very lengthy and dry, with fog common.



Due to the overabundance of metals mined after volcanic eruptions, Irsayle is home to some of the finest metallurgy in the world. Due to the unpredictability of magic in the area, the pursuit of technology has become widespread. Irsayle has been responsible for the development of gunpowder, cannons, and firearms.


Irsayle is the birthplace of the undead.