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Supernatural Fault

Expoint Bonus: 1–6

You are the target of continual bad luck. Depending on the magnitude of your misfortune, this is a minor or decidedly hazardous Fault. For instance, if you are mildly unlucky (1 pt), your gun frequently jams at inopportune times, or you might always get the smallest share of loot from a hoard. A moderate curse (3 pts) might mean you will lose something of importance or botch a critical task of some sort. A tragic or damning curse (usually of five or six points) might tie you to lose everything you once loved or be ultimately betrayed somehow.

Example: A vidara protector of a particular wood might be so cursed with a love of the dying, barren, wasting wood that she is unable to leave it (4 points).

A Curse may also take the form of another serious Fault, such as a Deformed visage, Clumsiness, uncontrollable Cowardice, Disaster Magnetism, etc.