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Social Trump

Expoint Cost: 6

Can we say groupies anyone? You are known far and wide as some sort of icon. You might be a town hero, a glitzy bard, or a fork-tongued politician. Perhaps your family is well-respected, or maybe you had a prestigious Mentor. All that's got to be said is people know who you is, directly or indirectly. Within a given city or area of your choice, you gain a +2 bonus to Negotiate, Bluff, and Seduce, and people generally strive to please you. A canny GM will use this to his own advantage, however, as townspeople come to the character for help, advice, marriage proposals, favors, repay old debts to the character's mentor, etc. Unstoppable fans will bring undesirable attention to you and find embarrassing and unwanted ways to try and win your affections. Just about everyone in your immediate geographical area has at least heard of you. Outside of this area, however, your bonuses do not apply.

Incompatible with