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Social Fault

Expoint Bonus: 6

People round here just don't like you very much, do they? Don't get a complex now, you might have asked for it. Perhaps you brought soldiers to the town that left it a ruin? Maybe you knocked poison all over the beloved king's scampi? Is it possible that maybe you just got a bum rap? The public won't see it that way at least. People of a certain city or area dislike you and may seek to bring you harm if your identity is revealed to them. You take a −2 penalty to all Bluff, Negotiate, and Seduce rolls against those who know you and plenty of people do. Choose one city or area: you are considered Notorious to the people there. Even when you do manage to score successes with the common folk, the effect is somewhat diminished because folks just don't want to trust you.

Some characters are notorious by association: a mentor, best friend, member of your immediate family (or all of them) is widely known and generally reviled. You are likely to be held as no better than they. This instance could make a good partner to Mistaken Identity.

Other Trumps that improve your Social abilities may mitigate the bad reaction you get, but you'll never be entirely free of the stigma that surrounds your name.

Maximize your bad rep with Shady: even people who don't know you don't seem to like you!

Incompatible with

Everybody's Best Friend and Famous.