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Supernatural Fault

Expoint Bonus: 8

Once you were Called, a beacon in the night to all who revere truth and justice. But in the course of your fight against Entropy and evil, you went a step too far, and toppled headlong over the edge. The Fallen tread many paths: you may try to leave your old life behind and start anew, but you shall always be haunted by the specter of your crimes. You may wander the world seeking atonement, fighting as hard or harder than you ever did when you were Called, desperate for forgiveness from the people and gods you wronged, and most of all from yourself. Or you may embrace the darkness, fanning its ember in your heart until it becomes an inferno, and wreaking more evil upon the world than many Chaos Knights. In any event, you suffer from the same psychological problems that plague those who are Beyond Good and Evil, and must choose at least one issue from that list (see above). Both the Called and Chaos Knights recognize you on sight, and they as well as champions of either side will hold you in mistrust once they know your past (−2 penalty to Leadership, Bluff, Negotiate, and Seduce).

Incompatible with

Beyond Good and Evil, Chaos Knight, and Perspective.


Both Angel on Your Shoulder and Devil on Your Shoulder