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The Star Dancer
Rank: High Immortal
Nature: Good
Portfolio: Healing, art, music, love, beauty
Weapon: Bows
Animal: Unicorn
Element: Verdance

Alnarya, the Star Dancer is the high Immortal of Halestia. She holds domain and is revered for healing, art, music, love, and beauty.

Family Ties

She was created by the Most High Being. The evil Immortal Morrak is her brother.


Priestesses (and rarer priests) of Alnarya bear a medallion depicting a golden harp.

Alnarya is associated with the unicorn, a beast of indescribable beauty and grace. She is also identified with the elemental force of verdance due to her powers of healing and life.


Her tears shed at her brother's betrayal made grow the forests in Ardeste and Gartania. In these forests she gave life to the Vidari.


In art and stories, Alnarya is conceived as a human or vidari of indescribable beauty with flowing, wavy, golden hair. Her skin is described as porcelain; smooth and pale. She has eyes of deep emerald. It is said the spectacular colors of leaves in the vidari forests are testament to the tears from her emerald eyes. Her voice is melodic and soothing. She is often depicted as wearing flowing gowns and robes made of silky material. Stories suggest that she favors the bow and keeps watch over archery.


Alnarya is above all loving. She is kind, merciful, and generous. She encourages sacrifice for others, forgiveness, and humble service — all these being manifestations of love. Her tender smile can melt the coldest of hearts. The atrocities of cruelty and selfishness make her deeply sad. When forced to battle evil, her aim is true, and her resolve unbreakable.


One legend tells of a bow, the string of which is made of a strand of her golden hair.

Immortal Legacy: The Movie

If I were to cast someone to play Alnarya, I'd cast 1960s Brigitte Bardot.