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The Beautiful
Nature: Evil
Portfolio: Lust, betrayal, volcanoes, smithing
Weapon: Whips
Animal: Serpent
Element: Fire

Deniss the Beautiful is the Immortal of evil dragons. She is also associated with lust and betrayal. She holds sway over the forces of volcanoes.

Family Ties

Deniss is the twin sister of Bendash, daughter of Ruidrin and Inashayle.


Deniss is still revered by many evil dragons. As such, her symbol is the head of a sinister-looking dragon with a forked tongue. Some peoples use this symbol to also denote the supposed locations of evil dragons.

She is associated with the serpent, a beast of temptation and treachery. She is also associated with the elemental force of fire, for passion and rage.


Together with Bendash, Deniss is credited with creating the race of dragons. It is also said that she was responsible for mothering the Apsarava.


Deniss is often presented as a voluptuous woman with dragon-like features. These include horns, dragon's eyes, fangs, a tail, short reptilian wings, and patches of scales. She bears short, wavy, red hair, which, according to legend undulates and crackles like a fire when she angers. She is often depicted nude or wearing dragon hide armor.


Deniss is described in personality as playful, mischievous, and quick to anger. Legends present her as a temptress who delights in the fall and corruption of mortals. She finds joy in making or witnessing broken promises, creatures with uncontrollable desires, and when her favored dragons make a meal out of an unsuspecting villager. Volcanic eruptions are said to be related to her will and moods.

Immortal Legacy: The Movie

If I were to cast someone to play Deniss, I'd cast Christina Hendricks.