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The Father of Chance
Nature: Neutrality
Portfolio: Wealth, Celebrations, Luck, Exploration
Weapon: Fencing swords
Animal: Rabbit
Element: Metal

Zif the father of Chance is a neutral Immortal who was once a man. Legends say he was promoted to divinity by his fabled lover Vecia. He is attributed with control over the realms of luck and celebrations. Many treasure hunters and travelers revere his authority over their work.


Zif is said to have accidentally created the race of Firnoy.


Zif's symbol is a gold coin. It is universally accepted to have a such a lucky coin kept in the pocket or on a necklace.

Zif is associated with the rabbit, an animal considered playful and lucky. He is also associated with the elemental force of metal, likely due to his lucky gold coin and rapier.


Zif is involved in many toasts offered up at parties, stories of treasures, and tales of surprising luck. Since he was a human, tales about him are easy to find among men and Firnoy. He is described as a man with short, wavy, brown hair and a goatee. His skin is olive and his eyes are a different color in every story. Tales say he still visits the world under the guise of a Firnoy with good looks brandishing a human rapier.


His disposition is jovial if not quirky and he enjoys a good laugh (at another's expense if possible). He adores wagers and parties. He's annoyed by stuffy types and rigid ceremony.


As a man, he always carried around his family's rapier, now known as the Blade of Zif, and it's still believed to be in the world.