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The Dagger in the Night
Nature: Evil
Portfolio: Lies, theft, murder, sabotage
Weapon: Daggers
Animal: Cat, Bat
Element: Slime

Traldiv the Dagger in the Night is an evil Immortal. She is a force of subversion, and is associated with deception, thievery, murders, and sabotage.


Simply enough, Traldiv's symbol is a downward-facing dagger separating a pair of eyes. The Shadow Talons, an assassin's guild, assume a deviation of this symbol as their trademark.

Traldiv is mostly associated with the cat, particularly a black cat, as a night animal who hides and watches. Because of legend, she is also associated with the bat, another nocturnal creature. She is also associated with the elemental force of slime, as assassins employ poisons and acids in their business.


Traldiv is most often presented in stories as wearing a dark violet or navy blue cloak. From under the hood, two keen, glowing-red eyes peer out knowingly; her face is never depicted. Her cloak is said to be shut save for when she attacks, and even then only an arm seemingly shrouded in darkness thrusts forth a gray-tinged blade.


Traldiv is most often silent, cunning, and calculating. Stories say she is present to witness assassinations, hired killings, and audacious heists. One particular legend suggests that in the forest, she assumed the form of a bat to eavesdrop on conspirators who aimed to kill a king.