Relahnia Dragonblood

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Dame Relahnia Dragonblood
Born: CY717 Wemther
Residence: Yitur, Wemther
Nationality: Wemther
Ethnicity: Part Dragon/Half-Vidari
Occupation: Knight
Organization: Dragoon Knights, Sensational Seven
Known For: Founder of Dragoon Knights
Style: Dragoon esoteric combat
Influenced By: Bendash
Height: 6′0″
Weight: 170lb.
Title: Dame
Term: CY989–
Opponents: Blades of Morrak
Alignment: Law 5, Good 4, Religious 5
Personality: Brave, confident, generous

Relahnia Dragonblood is the leader and founder of the Dragoon Knights.


Relahnia was born to a radiantly beautiful Vidari woman. She was the only daughter in this noble household. Relahnia's draconic powers grew with age and so she studied under talented fighters to learn the arts of combat.

As Relahnia relays the story, Bendash had to gather a force that could oppose the growing power of his evil sister Deniss. As Deniss began to exert more of her power in the world, Bendash saw fit to keep balance maintained with a force of his own. Resultantly, with the aid of a small number of dragons who either served with Bendash or were their descendants, Relahnia gathered an offensive of brave and talented soldiers soldiers and all were instructed by the dragons. Thus was born the Holy Order of the Dragoon Knights.

A recent and particularly difficult mission saw the recruitment of a squad of Granite Corps knights to augment the forces of the Dragoons, led by a nephilim named Gabriel Brightsoul. Gabriel seemed to have a one-track mind at first, thinking of little other than the destruction of evil and the glory of combat, but after time with Relahnia and Shaolynn, the three developed a lasting friendship. While not an official member of the Knighthood, Gabriel's constant presence is a welcome addition in difficult times.

Troublesome times saw the addition of Yuri Winterstorm, a lycanthropic martial artist who served Loelir. The four became fast friends and dedicated nearly four years to the battle against evil – during which, Yuri provided combat training for the Holy Order of the Dragoon Knights. When faced with a massive task concerning undead, Yuri sent word for her comrade Dmitry, who quickly made his way to aid her. His presence in the group was unsettling to the others at first, but soon after his dependability was established, he gained three unexpected friends.

These five went on to execute several tasks around the world. They collaborated with the Congress Arcanum briefly during a series of skirmishes with the Order of the Twilight Adepts. This collaboration saw the cooperation of the group with two individuals close to the archmage Her Honor Joset Therald, Sebastian Trueheart, a skilled and cunning bounty hunter, and Maou Diamondstar, a mysterious and rough fighter mage. Sebastian fell in well with the group and gained many allies, but Maou proved to be too arrogant to make much of a trusted friend. Despite this, his skill in combat and arcane arts is unquestioned, and his presence is usually welcomed by the others.

Relahnia lives in the Dragoon Headquarters in Southern Wemther with Yuri.


Relahnia and Yuri are close friends, and discuss many things in each other's company. Dmitry's introvertedness is troublesome to Relahnia, but his dedication is unquestionable, and she respects him as a friend. Shaolynn and Relahnia are long-time close friends and would do anything for the other. Gabriel's dedication to his cause is almost obsessive, but his kindness more than makes up for it, and she considers him a very trusted ally. Sebastian's flirtatiousness annoys Relahnia sometimes, and she sometimes disapproves of his tactics in battle, but she trusts him with her life. Maou is a unique member of the group. Relahnia respects his combat skill and magical aptitude, and trusts his loyalty to the group, but she questions his motives regularly.


Relahnia's body is in peak physical condition. She inherited the exotic beauty of both parents, and she has been the object of many Knights' fantasy. Her hair is long and silver, resembling the mane of a dragon of her bloodline. She is always seen in battle wearing her ceremonial fullplate, gifted to her by Bendash himself. She wields a mighty glaive retrieved from the depths of a ruined shrine of Bendash.


Relahnia exhibits a strong will and a radiant charisma. She gives mercy to the weak and wrath to the wicked. She puts her friendships before many things in order of priority, and the group couldn't ask for a better leader. Her duties do not grant time for a successful marriage, and her devotion prevents her from doing so, and so she kindly and frequently turns down offers for marriage, but she has been involved with men over the years.