Dragoon Knights

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Holy Order of the Dragoon Knights
Type: Chivalric Order
Alignment: Law 5, Good 4, Religious 5
Headquarters: Yitur, Wemther
Leader: Relahnia Dragonblood
Membership: 300
Motto: "Pierce the darkness with the long arm of the law"

The Dragoon Knights are a knightly order headquartered in Yitur, the capital city of Wemther. It is said that Bendash himself instructed the first knights on his legendary battle tactics and on the companionship of dragons. The knights revere Bendash and follow his teachings. The officers of the order ride bravely into battle on dragons and learn to use esoteric fighting skills.

There is a tale told throughout the realms that goes like this:

Wherever there is danger untold
or evils too vile to behold,
there they fight with valor
the Dragoons of divine power.


The group was founded 500 years ago by its current leader, Relahnia Dragonblood. She founded the order after a vision involving Bendash. As she relays the story, Bendash had to gather a force that could oppose the growing power of his evil sister Deniss. As Deniss began to exert more of her power in the world, Bendash saw fit to keep balance maintained with a force of his own. Resultantly, with the aid of a small number of dragons who either served with Bendash or were their descendants, Relahnia gathered an offensive of brave and talented soldiers soldiers and all were instructed by the dragons.

The Dragoon Knights have been involved in battles both large and small throughout their history. Dragoons have been dispatched to battle the Blades of Morrak on numerous occasions, but more often than not, they are called to the sites of gruesome monster or evil dragon attacks, where lesser souls are crippled with fear.


The Dragoons are headquartered in a mountain fortress called The Roost of Bendash, or simply The Roost, just above the city of Yitur in Wemther. It is a glorious, sprawling complex half inside the mountain and half hanging skyward. It is here that knights are trained and dragons are raised.

New Members

A warrior can be admitted into the order if he or she demonstrates great courage in the face of adversity and a commitment to the values of loyalty and trust for which Bendash stands. Not all warriors that begin the tests for admittance succeed. In fact, many have made it past the mundane tests but fail at the final test, which is to be evaluated by the eldest dragon, Burbaneth, who is said to see through to the very fabric of a person. Legends tell of a well-disguised Blade of Morrak who tried to gain admittance but was discovered by Burbaneth upon making eye contact.

After admittance, Dragoons receive months of training in dragon flight and the practice of the battle tactics unique to the order. They are trained extensively with pole arms, axes, and swords. They are also trained in airborne combat, and in attacking ground units when dismounting from flight. Eventually, they are partnered with a dragon who serves as their mount and cohort.


The members of the Dragoons are looked upon to provide their own supplies and equipment. Each member either has amassed his own income or been sponsored to be able to afford this. Since new members are very carefully chosen, one cannot simply buy ones way into the Knighthood. When evil is dispatched at the hands of the Dragoons, any wealth recovered is kept by the order. The Knights ask for no payment, but do accept donations. Any amassed wealth is used for the upkeep of the headquarters, including food for the knights and the dragons.


Dragoons are expected to treat their dragon partners with respect and kindness, as they would themselves. They are also expected to help others in need. The wicked should be brought to justice, and only killed in battle when necessary. The Dragoons are held to a strict code of conduct which represents the courage and loyalty for which Bendash and the Knighthood stand. Any behavior contrary to this code may result in punishment — possibly demotion, and in extreme cases expulsion from the Dragoons.


The Dragoons are an order dedicated to the teachings of Bendash. Many of its members are set in their faith, which they believe fuels their bravery. Dragoons are reverent and respectful of holy places and things. They honor the Immortals and the Most High Being, and denounce the evil that Morrak and the other evil Immortals encourage.


There are several ranks to the order, and while all Dragoons are referred to as Sir or Dame, they also hold a rank in the hierarchy. New members are referred to as Drakes and given brave and noble works, they can ascend through the ranks of Wyvern, Lieutenant Dragon, Major Dragon, and Dragon General.

The current leader of the organization is Relahnia Dragonblood. She is very long-lived being a vidari of dragon heritage. The order has no rules currently for choosing a new leader, but when Relahnia is out on business, one of the Dragon Generals is placed in charge of the Roost.