Granite Corps

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Granite Corps
Type: Private Army
Alignment: Law 4, Consequentialism 4
Headquarters: Cheverryn, Reycha
Leader: Sir William Baxter
Membership: 800 soldiers and squires, 10 sorcerers, 40 medics

The Granite Corps is a private army — a paramilitary force not sponsored or loyal to a specific government — headquartered in Reycha and is wide renowned for battle prowess and fortitude in various weather conditions. While headquartered in Reycha, the Corps can be hired by any nearby country. Soldiers have traveled as far as Lachurn and Wemther to take up arms.

Most in the Granite Corps are soldiers and their squires, but some are spellcasters or healers. The Corps is regarded by some as little more than a gang of mercenaries, and to an extent this is true, but not all members of the Corps are interested in amassing wealth. The Corps is loyal to those that hire it, and it will never fight against a former client.

Their armor and battle standards bear mountains, and their armor is coated with a unique chemical compound that repels water and rust.


The Corps was founded in CY1451 by its current leader, Sir William Baxter, a former Knight in Reycha. Baxter saw a growing need for a capable fighting force not tied to the state, which at the time was suffering from a senile king. He initially amassed soldiers to handle the rising threat of monster attacks and thefts along trade routes that the king was virtually ignoring. In response to the group's quick dispatching of the banditry, local nobles offered to hire them to deal with a company of orcs in the Nal Hills. Baxter and some trusted lieutenants decided on the name and standard of the Corps.

In the more than 40 years the group has been operating, they have dealt with monster attacks, giants, and occasionally dragons. It is rare that they have fought against humans, but recently they have been combating the Slendorians on behalf of Lachurn.


The operations of the Corps are run from a location in the Nal Hills of Reycha called the Andoria Fortress. It was once a simple stone fort constructed by human tribes in the Age of Battle, but greatly expanded as the needs and size of the Corps grew. The fortress doesn't have enough space for the entirety of the Corps, but it is still very sizable. Nearly 300 people live here at any given time, and there is space enough for dozens of steeds.


The Corps charges a hefty fee, but few soldiers are as skilled or enduring. Nearly all of its income goes to paying the salaries of its soldiers. The rest is used to upkeep their headquarters.

New Members

Recruits can apply at the Andoria Fortress, and many are hired after either sparring or demonstrating their skill. They are expected to provide their own equipment. The Corps provides treated armor to new members, the cost of which is deducted from their first year's pay.


The Granite Corps has a code which its members must follow. They must participate in training monthly (as missions allow), and maintain a certain level of fitness. They must deliver respect to superior officers and follow all orders. They will never cheat, swindle, or lie to clients. They will never betray a client's confidentiality if it's requested. They will not commit grievous offenses to civilians.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in punishment, such as a dock of pay, or in extreme cases incarceration and dismissal from the Corps.


The Corps isn't a knightly or chivalric order, so their general purpose isn't one of altruism. Many members of the Corps are very kind people, but professional soldiers first and foremost. Others really are just in it for the money. A general accepted outlook in the Granite Corps is often "the ends justify the means"; so long as the original intent of the client is carried out, specifically how doesn't matter. So long as the code is followed, a soldier can pretty much act as he chooses to complete a mission.


The corps is commanded by the aging Sir William Baxter. He has four Lieutenant Generals, which each command two Captains. A Captain is responsible for a company of roughly 100 men, commanding two Sergeants, each responsible for 50. A Sergeant oversees 4 squads of 12–15. A squad is commanded by a squad leader. Sometimes members of the Corps are sent out alone on missions, but it's rare to see less than a squad of men being dispatched.