Merchantile Sodality

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The Mercantile Sodality
Type: Professional Body
Alignment: Capitalism 3, Aristocracy 2, Corporatism 3
Headquarters: Verraneld, Lachurn; Barcha, Helvaras
Membership: Over 200,000
Motto: "Money makes the world go round"

The Mercantile Sodality is a massive network of merchants and craftsmen. Its members vote and debate all facets of trade and business.

All decisions of the group are calculated by direct diplomatic vote by members. All members can submit votes through regional offices, which can be found in most large towns. Most votes require a simple majority, but decisions that affect organization rules or international economics require a two-thirds majority. Electoral fraud is punishable by expulsion from the Sodality and in many nations imprisonment.

There are two headquarters; one each in Verraneld and Barcha and each sports a meeting hall that seats 5,000. Each meeting hall elects a speaker every other year. The speaker holds no authoritative power, but serves as the master of ceremonies.


The Sodality was founded nearly three thousand years ago by the legendary smith Panther Fallendark, and while its rules and members have certainly changed, its purpose has generally stayed static.


Since the Sodality is considered a non-business organization, it isn't taxed by the countries and cities in which it holds offices. All income for the Sodality is generated from donations and member dues, which amount to 50 wealth per member annually. Income is used for operating expenses, paying leases, and funding member benefits.

New Applicants

Any merchant or craftsman can apply for membership in the Sodality with a valid certificate or license to do business in his or her district of business. There is an application fee of 100 wealth. New members are inducted annually at a ceremony at each of the headquarters during Midsummer.


In addition to ceremonial etiquette, there is only one rule by which members must abide; illegal business practices (according to regional law) will result in expulsion.

Membership comes with its perks, however, as many members offer services or goods at reduced cost to other members. Members can apply for a guard accompaniment during travel if robbery is a possibility. The Sodality offers a complementary messenger service between members. The Sodality also offers extremely inexpensive but talented legal council.