Exalted Shepherds

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The Exalted Shepherds
Type: Appointed Knighthood
Alignment: Religious, Altruism
Headquarters: None
Leader: Dmitry Nightfang
Membership: 4
Motto: "Darkness shall yield"

The Exalted Shepherds are a secretive order of four knights who carry out the work of the Immortals of good and defend their favored.


Few alive in the common age know exactly how long the Shepherds have been in operation (as a matter of fact, it's close to 16,000 years). Dmitry has been a member the entire time and he tells no one this fact—when asked by the other members how long he has served in the ranks, he simply replies he "no longer remembers".

The group was established in the year 1824 of the Age of Greatness by Dmitry. Due to the atrocities committed by his mother, the Empress Larva Duldac, Dmitry rebelled against her and set out to end her rule. According to legend, after long searching he finally met with a vision of Alnarya herself and she bestowed upon him the knowledge to control his dark blood in exchange for doing her work in the world and defending those who are helpless. She guided him to three other powerful warriors, whose names and powers are lost to time.

Since its inception, it has always had 4 members, and their deeds, both small and grand have been recorded throughout the ages.

New Applicants

A person cannot join the Shepherds. Existing members will scout their replacements, take them on as their squires, and after enough training and experience have been gained, they pass on the mantle. The Shepherds have said that Alnarya guides them to future members as like a compass in their spirits.

New members are always kind in spirit, humble in attitude, and giving to others. They respect love, beauty, and goodness.


The Shepherds refuse pay if offered, insisting that it be offered to a worthy cause or a temple of Alnarya. They do however welcome hot meals and warm beds.


The Shepherds have no established rules. Their entire purpose is altruistic and based on cheerful service. Any behavior outside these foundations is basically contradictory to the members' beliefs.


Dmitry is the leader of the Shepherds, not out of a sense of entitlement, but since he's been a member the longest. Usually the Shepherds receive their guidance for new missions through prayer. If more than one Exalted Shepherd is gathered in any given place, one can be assured that great evil is about to be dispatched.