Band of the Fox

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The Band of the Fox
Type: Guild
Alignment: Secrecy 3, Anarchy 1, Loyalty 4
Headquarters: Unknown
Leader: June Shadowfoot
Membership: Unknown
Motto: "Always a watchful eye"

The Band of the Fox is a specialized network of detectives and spies who buy and sell information. All walks of life call on their services, for none have the reputation of discovering that which is unknown like the Foxes. Customers say their fees are hefty, but their results are worth it.

Some members in the network are infiltrators; folks who go undercover in an organization or country to ascertain information. Others are talented gumshoes; detectives with a knack for solving mysteries. Very few in the Foxes are cunning sorcerers who can discern lies and read minds.


The Foxes have only been around for 10 years, but their reputation for great work and quick results have brought them much business. Their leader, a woman whose alias is June Shadowfoot, founded the group with some colleagues and still runs operations today. She occasionally takes on the more dangerous missions (for instance, lately she's been tailing the Slendorian Army).

New Applicants

Details on how to apply to the Foxes is sketchy at best. Typically, existing members will recruit acquaintances they know are apt for the job.


The Band of the Fox is a business first and foremost. They don't advertise the location of their headquarters (if one exists) and they have no regional offices, so countries find it impossible to tax them. It is overlooked, however, because many governments use their services. The Foxes will always charge the first half of payment up front, then when information is delivered, they take the rest. Agents who perform the assignments collect the fees and there hasn't been a case of "withholding payment" to the organization because all members know there's always someone watching. Revenue is suspected to fund equipment and supplies for agents.