Slendori Army

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The Slendori Army
Type: Militaristic Organization
Alignment: Order, Egoism, Militarism
Headquarters: Slendor
Leader: The Hand of Order
Membership: 125,000 (est.)
Motto: "Order through Conquest"

The Slendori Army is the militaristic organization of Slendor whose goal is to bring about world order by total conquest. The leaders of the Slendori Army, the Five Fingers of Death (as they're called by their enemies) have handed down a strict dogma and law for members and citizens to follow. The Slendori Army is efficient, well-trained, and very successful.

The banner of the army is the same as the nation of Slendor: a depiction of a wave crashing against the northern cliffs. It is white set on black and always carried on a solid, black iron rod.


The Slendori Army has been in operation for roughly thirty years. They started as a political movement in the republic government of the nation of Slendor. In CY1459, Radomer Galoden, a military strategist and warrior, came to power in the Slendori Senate when he organized a paramilitary to combat precursors to civil war. His successful prevention of internal war and subsequent battles to combat raiding barbarians from the neighboring lands brought he and his four consorts to authoritarian power.

In the time since the establishment of the new rule, the Slendori Army has begun a territorial expansion of the nation. They have successfully established sovereignty over the wild lands of Daricia which neighbor the evengaran halls of Disdarban.


The Army acquires income through the nation of Slendor itself and from the lands it has conquered. The army uses these funds to supply equipment, pay officer salary, pay for training, and research new powers.

New Members

Able fighters in Slendor are welcomed into the Army and trained, for it is an honor to serve one's country. These recruits include many men over the age of 16. It has been such that those in lands conquered by the Slendori Army have been assimilated and trained. None outside the nation of Slendor yearn to seek out membership in the army, but many in the nation do.


The Slendori Army is the national military of Slendor, and so, normal military rules are expected: following orders, maintaining a certain level of fitness, and the like. Not following orders is an offense punishable by court martial or in some cases death. On top of this, the Five Fingers of Death have imposed a strict law for both the army and the citizens of Slendor to obey.