Yuri Winterstorm

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Yuri Winterstorm
Born: CY1474 Annalia, Helvaras
Residence: The Roost of Bendash, Yitur, Wemther
Home Town: Annalia, Helvaras
Nationality: Helvaran
Ethnicity: Men/Therianthrope
Occupation: Martial Artist
Organization: Sensational Seven
Style: Wild Hand
Influenced By: Loelir
Height: 5′6″
Weight: 140lb.
Callsign: The Holy Fist
Alignment: Peace 3, Religious 5
Personality: Giving, fair, calm

Yuri Winterstorm is a talented martial artist and servant of Loelir.


Physical Stats
Mental Stats
Social Stats
Spirit Stats
SFC 10


Yuri is a natural therianthrope, the offspring of a human adventurer and a radiantly beautiful werewolf. Her mother having died in childbirth, Yuri was raised by her father, a cunning spy whose work took them across the world. Nearing her adulthood, Yuri embraced her mother's savage blood and took to a life of petty thievery with a small gang of like-minded teens.

When she came of age at 15, her work brought her to the hills of Britavya, where she and her band of thieves were to ransack a small temple to Loelir to retrive a relic from within. The priests there were no match for the battle prowess of Yuri's lycanthropy and her companions' skill in battle. Following a bloody massacre, a handful of warrior monks were summoned from nearby to thwart any further desecration of Loelir's temple. The rogues were decimated, but Yuri was offered her life by an avatar of Loelir in return for her devotion. Yuri agreed and through powerful magic, Loelir perfected Yuri's body in several ways. The first, her lycanthropy was stopped from spreading further. Second, her wolf form was altered to better suit a servant of good. Loelir decided her artifact would be better guarded on the person of a warrior compared to the dusty basement vault of some wilderness chapel. She gifted Yuri with Luahn, an intelligent choker whose power would grow as Yuri's did. As fate would have it, Yuri was guided to a nearby order of monks, the Wild Hands – servants of Loelir – who trained her in the arts of unarmed combat and a simple life of dedication.

Four years past and feeling her training was complete, she left to pursue Loelir's calling. After combating the forces the malign immortals, Yuri was rewarded with the ability to imbue her bare-handed attacks with holy power (This rarely-seen ability coined her title).

Her travels brought her to a crossroads of fate with a dhampir. He was a member of the Defenders of the Goddess, called to flush out a recent infestation of vampires and other undead in the sewers of a Britavyan city. Yuri was known by reputation for her works of good, and was asked to provide combat support for this endeavor. Dmitry Nightfang was a difficult person to work alongside, and even considering differing views on life, after a fortnight of cooperation, the two became trusted comrades if not friends. It was difficult to trust so secretive a man, but Yuri gave him friendship regardless. After several months of campaigning, the two split ways to pursue individual callings.

Soon, Yuri collaborated on a lengthy campaign with a striking nephilim knight named Gabriel Brightsoul, a beautiful half-dragon knight named Relahnia Dragonblood, and a talented minstrel, the bard Shaolynn Rhapsody. The four became fast friends and dedicated nearly four years to the battle against evil – during which, Yuri provided combat training for the Holy Order of the Dragoon Knights. When faced with a massive task concerning undead, she sent word for her comrade Dmitry, who quickly made his way to aid her. His presence in the group was unsettling to the others at first, but soon after his dependability was established, he gained three unexpected friends.

These five went on to execute several tasks around the world. They collaborated with the Congress Arcanum briefly during a series of skirmishes with the Order of the Twilight Adepts. This collaboration saw the cooperation of the group with two individuals close to the archmage Her Honor Joset Therald, Sebastian Trueheart, a skilled and cunning bounty hunter, and Maou Diamondstar, a mysterious and rough fighter mage. Sebastian fell in well with the group and gained many allies, but Maou proved to be too arrogant to make much of a trusted friend. Despite this, his skill in combat and arcane arts is unquestioned, and his presence is usually welcomed by the others.

Today, Yuri lives in the Dragoon Headquarters in southern Wemther with Relahnia. She follows Loelir's will to the letter, as is revealed by Luahn.


Yuri's closest friend is Dmitry, to whom she relates because of their dark heritage. She questions the extent of her feelings towards him. She respects Relahnia as the leader of the group and her closest female friend. She carries on many conversations with her. She treats Shaolynn as the sister she never had. She respects Gabriel's devotion to the cause of good and his combat prowess, but an intimate friendship is absent from the two. Sebastian's light-hearted attitude makes for an easy friendship. She respects Maou's abilities and skill, yet questions his intents – this does not stop her, however, from considering him a comrade.


Yuri's constant training makes for a muscular body. She bears the attractive womanly curves and perfect proportions of her mother, and the constant smile on her face adds to her exotic beauty. She keeps her snow-colored hair chin-length and always has a knowing look in her lavender eyes. When in hybrid and wolf form, her fur is the color of a winter wolf, and her magical gifts from Loelir have granted her two tails.


Yuri has the most patience and steadfast determination of anyone in the group. She's very friendly. Her optimism sometimes annoys the others in the group, but on the same token, her cheerfulness has brightened many a mood. She loves combat and loves the chance to further the objectives of Loelir.


Luahn is an intelligent artifact gifted to her by Loelir. It's a choker necklace, which resembles a golden collar with a mithril dove as a charm in the front. It cannot be removed until Yuri dies. Luahn can speak telepathically with anyone in the party from a distance of up to 1,000 miles. It has a soothing, matronly female voice. She and Yuri never disagree, and she considers herself Yuri's equal and partner. She has an enjoyment of punishing evil creatures and supernatural forces, particularly any who commit gross acts against order and peace.