Sea Devils

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The Sea Devils
Type: Confederation
Alignment: Anarchy 3, Meritocracy 2, Egoist 3, Materialist 4
Headquarters: None
Membership: 27 ships, est. 2 thousand sailors
Motto: "The sea hates cowards"

The Sea Devils are a loose confederacy of pirate ships. The primary goal of this union is to allow for aid in times of battle and to establish a non-aggression treaty between member ships.


The Great Sea Pact was established in CY1247 (243 years ago) by Roger "Gold Beard" Daft, who the Devils refer to as the King of Pirates. He was said to be a man of imposing stature, stern demeanor, and thought to be a Lilim. He established the pact during a period of oppression by the navies of several sea-bordering countries. At the time, 100 pirate ships of various sizes signed onto the pact, and since, ships have obviously come and gone. Daft's ship, the Gold Jack, is still in service today under the command of Tortan Madick. The Great Sea Pact is currently kept in the tomb of Daft located in the Cerryn Islands, the keys to which are only held by 12 captains in the Devils.

New Applicants

Captains who wish to enroll their ships in the Devils are made to add their signature to the Great Sea Pact, the document which outlines the rules of the agreement. There are no membership dues, but new captains are forced to pay for a magical sea compass which can be used 4 times a week to send messages to any or all member ships.


The Great Sea Pact establishes several rules and benefits of membership.

Members of the Sea Devils can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. Captains can call on nearby member ships for aid if under attack
  2. Captains can call on nearby member ships to prepare an attack fleet
  3. Captains can use the sea compass to exchange information

The following actions are punishable by swift attack by all other member ships:

  1. Any act of aggression or theft against another member ship
  2. Using the name of the Sea Devils for threats, calling cards, or other personal gain
  3. Failing to come to the aid of a member ship which has requested it

Mutiny is frowned upon, but crews should be able to recommend a new captain if the current is serving poorly.


Ships can be expelled from the membership by a majority vote by all other captains, but traitors and rule breakers are usually just killed outright.