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Timeline of Immortal Legacy

The Timeline of Immortal Legacy records significant events and eras in the story of Halestia.

CY stands for Common Year and was the year when the Holy Court of Alnarya was built. BCY is Before Common Year

Events Outside of Time

The Age of World Birth

This age started roughly 20,000 years before the common era. It lasted 2,104 years.

  • 1 (BCY19798) – The birth of dragons; the gifts of magic and fire to the dragons
  • 104 (BCY19695) – The Great War of Immortals begins
  • 1504 (BCY18295) – The Immortals of darkness are imprisoned, end of the Great War of Immortals
  • 1505 (BCY18296)
    • The birth of most of the mortal races
  • 1507 (BCY18294) – Vidari name the first country: Gartania
  • 1530 (BCY18271) – Evengar in the area of the Garathim Mountains begin constructing the Mountain Citadel of Disdarban.
  • 1701 (BCY18100) – After centuries of exploring, many Vidari create the kingdom of Ardeste.

The Age of Greatness

This age started roughly 18,000 years before the common age. It lasted for 6,780 years.

  • 1 (BCY17696) – Zif ascends to immortality
  • 16 (BCY17681) – The Firnoy are accidentally created by Zif
  • 153 (BCY17544) – Dark magic corrupts Lady Larva Duldac into the first vampire
  • 479 (BCY17218) – Apsarava found the country of Nivorios to the east of the Blood River, Argon the Sorcerer Lord is crowned sovereign.
  • 538 (BCY17159) – Nivorios begins a campaign to expand westward, battling and enslaving human settlements.
  • 917 (BCY16780) – The Empire of Everliving is founded on Irsayle.
  • 1312 (BCY16385) – Winning the Battle of Hingar, The Dominion of Nivorios now controls all land between the Blood River and the Selonian Forest, and down the Nal Peninsula to the Enhindir Ocean.
  • 1335 (BCY16362) – Argon begins construction of the Castle Shyvyr adjacent to what is now Radlore Canyon.
  • 1824 (BCY15873) – The Exalted Shepherds are formed.
  • 1994 (BCY15703) – Humans escape from the Empire of Everliving to the nearby archipelago.
  • 2016 (BCY15681) – Escapees of the empire establish the nation of Ryodai.
  • 2034–3021 (BCY15663–14676) – The Sereg Wars between the Evengar and Apsarava was distributed throughout many periods of non-aggression.
  • 3021 (BCY14676) – Argon the Sorcerer Lord is defeated at the battle of Radlore; the Castle Shyvyr is razed to the ground.
  • 3396 (BCY14301) – Selragh reveals to Empress Duldac the process for reanimating the dead; first zombies created
  • 4178–4185 (BCY13519–13512) – The Ardeste Vidari wage war on the Empire of Everliving; war sorcery creates the Firemouths.
  • 4185 (BCY13512) – Imprisonment of Empress Larva Duldac
  • 4941 (BCY12756) – Humans begin settling in what is now the Veldt.
  • 5201 (BCY12496) – Founding of the human kingdom of Celigar.
  • 6108 (BCY11589) – Settling begins in Jerothden.
  • 6204 (BCY11685) – Celigarians invent mana-based ranged weaponry

The Age of Dusk

This age began approximately 11,000 years before the common age. It lasted for ~4,000 years

  • 1 (BCY10915) – Death of High King of Celigar at the hands of his son.
  • 5 (BCY10911) – Celigar institutes xenophobic policies, denies entry and exit
  • 976 (BCY9940) – Founding of Slendor
  • 1020–1039 (BCY9896–9877) – Celigar Civil War
  • 1039 (BCY9877) – Celigar finally falls to war, disease, and drought; most of kingdom lost or destroyed
  • 1242 (BCY9674) – Invention of the crossbow by Slendorians
  • 1300 (BCY9616) – Alliances between clans in the Creusa region result in the founding of the kingdom of Creusaldia

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  • 3773 (BCY7143) – Twins are born to the royal family of Creusaldia: Dalmiren and Melandir.
  • 3794 (BCY7122) – Princess Melandir is engaged to Prince Karis of Cerryn
  • 3795 (BCY7121) – The Gorgog, an army of dark creatures, wages war on Creusaldia from the southern Estpers.
  • 3800 (BCY7116) – Princess Melandir sacrifices her life to destroy the Gorgog general, an Infernal. End of war.
  • 3801 (BCY7115) – Prince Dalmiren crowned King of Creusaldia
  • 3821 (BCY7095) – Creusaldia is destroyed and King Dalmiren is cursed
  • 3839 (BCY7077) – Karis locates the Dancing Water and vanishes.
  • 3840 (BCY7076) – Galgoroth appears.

The Age of Battle

This age began approximately 7,000 years before the common age. It lasted for 3,912 years.

  • 1 (BCY6914) – The Ork Tribe (to include goblins, orcs, and ogres) begins attacking Evengar settlements
  • 2 (BCY6913) – Evengar of the Estper mountains begin retreating underground to achieve better defensive position. Building of Thoindyn begins.
  • 53 (BCY6862) – Ork–Evengar war ends in Ork Tribe rereat
  • 237 (BCY6678) – Building of Thoindyn completes
  • 301 (BCY6614) – Invention of the handheld crossbow
  • 615 (BCY6300) – Thoindyn Evengar discover mythril

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  • ~2500 (BCY4415) – Blades of Morrak formed
  • 2714 (BCY4201) – The Purge of Devilry defeats a horde of murderous Morrak cultists
  • 3168 (BCY3747) – Many Half-vidari leave Gartania, sail to Quensid, establish nomadic tribes.
  • 3883 (BCY3032) – Massive warring begins between human clans in the Nal penninsula
  • 3910 (BCY3005) – The Treaty of Nal results in the end of the Territory Wars; building begins on a common capital city.

The Age of Knowledge

This age began approximately 3,000 years before the common age.

  • 1 (BCY3002) – The city of Cheverryn is built and the kingdom of Reycha is founded
  • 515 (BCY2488) – Inception of the Songweavers
  • 804 (BCY2199) – The Order of the Twilight Adepts is founded in the Veldt
  • 1153 (BCY1850) – Humans in Ryodai discover the formula for gunpowder
  • 1201 (BCY1802) – First Songweavers campus is constructed in Hyrend, Ardeste
  • 1394 (BCY1609) – Rudimentary cannons, mortars, and grenades are introduced for warfare
  • 1502 (BCY1501) – The Merchantile Sodality is founded by Panther Fallendark
  • 1527 (BCY1476) – Panther Fallendark begins forging the World Blades
  • 1652 (BCY1351) – Forging of the World Blades completed
  • 1795 (BCY1208) – Second campus for Songweavers is constructed in Delemri, Gartania
  • 2709 (BCY294) – Island of Zirien discovered by explorers
  • 2713 (BCY290) – Establishment of the Congress Arcanum and of the Zirien Nation

The Common Age