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Immortal Legacy is a fantasy role-playing game, complete with setting. It was originally crafted by Jonathan Hawk, but incorporates ideas from other authors.

Just on the border of your waking mind, there lies another time where darkness and light are one.

And as you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond.

I have a message from another time.

—Electric Light Orchestra

This campaign setting is located in a world called Halestia.

Major Game Elements

For the Player's Hand Book

Stuff that Used to be In the book


  • Halestian calendar – 364 days, 12 months of 30 days, 6 days in a week, 4 solar events outside months


The Immortals are a pantheon of divine sprits, created by and proxies to the Most High Being.


Name E G Aspects Attrib Weapon Animal
Alnarya BadgeVerdance.svg Healing, Art, Music, Love, Beauty AGI Bows Unicorn
Krendar BadgeEarth.svg Strength, Virtue, Protection, Mining MUS Swords Eagle
Loelir BadgeLight.svg Light, Life, Peace, Order SFC Hand-to-hand Dove
Bendash BadgeElectricity.svg Justice, Courage, Loyalty, Thunderstorms CRG Axes Lion


Name E G Aspects Attrib Weapon Animal
Vecia BadgeAir.svg Destiny, Time, Dreams, Weaving PSY Thrown Spider
Inashayle BadgeWater.svg Nature, Weather, Tides, Animals END Spears Stag
Ruidrin BadgeIce.svg Magic, Knowledge, Logic, Secrets INT Curved blades Elephant
Zif BadgeMetal.svg Wealth, Celebrations, Luck, Exploring CUN Fencing swords Rabbit


Name E G Aspects Attrib Weapon Animal
Deniss BadgeFire.svg Lust, Betrayal, Volcanoes, Smithing CHA Whips Snake
Traldiv BadgeSlime.svg Lies, Theft, Murder, Sabotage PSN Daggers Bat/cat
Selragh BadgeDark.svg Darkness, Death, Disease, Undead INS Polearms Owl
Morrak BadgeRuin.svg Nightmares, War, Pain, Madness PRS Bludgeons Goat


Countries and Regions

Power Groups


  • Pantheon of immortals
  • Struggle of good and evil
  • Rising and falling of kingdoms
  • Powerful magic
  • Will of mortals

Destinies, souls, blazing, vivid, unbounded, radiant, unlimited

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